Before enjoying the Blogs of Fukiaa Technology, we are suggesting you to have a look at a few basic SEO terms that would help you wipe out your confusion and propel you going deeper into our blogs.

Keywords or key phrases– Not to be confused with both the terms; they are jolly similar to each other. Keywords are the words on or with which your business works. It will be more clear if an example is given to you. Suppose you are running a pet hospital, so the keywords here can be pet hospital, pet care, pet clinic, best vet, etc. If your keywords are a bit lengthy, then they are said as key phrases. You can even use a sentence as key phrase. A key phrase comprises multiple keywords.

Optimization– Literally this word means the action that makes something absolutely perfect. Then, the meaning of SEO can be the process by which a search engine identifies your operation pretty well.

Cache– Search engine like Google takes a snapshot of the different pages of a website and keeps them as a backup. A good site gets more access from Google bot. It is believed that a webpage having rich content will get frequent bot crawls so as regular caching. You can get your site's Google cache date by using the syntax of cache:url.

Index– It is the process of adding different pages of a website into Google searches. For this, users across the globe can find a site on the web. You should not be getting confused with crawling while coming across the word index in our blogs. Crawling is the visit of search engine bots and spiders to your web pages.

Panda Update– It is just an algorithm change carried out by Google to filter sites with top quality content at the top of its search result pages. It was introduced in February 2011. Since then, Google has been updating it at regular unspecified time interval.

Penguin Update– Just around a year after the introduction of Panda i.e. in April 2012, Google launched another algorithm named Penguin in order to harass the link buyers who violate its link building guidelines. Thereafter, it is also being updated from time to time.

Pegion Update– It is another effective algorithm of the search engine major launched in July 2014 for rankings in local searches. It takes care of a few measures to boost one's position on its search pages.

The Stance of Search Engine King "Google" on SEO

The Stance of Search Engine King " Google" on SEO The world aware of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) might get confused that whether Google completely supports the artificial SEO, or []